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How to Read

How to Read

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■ Motor


ZDF2:F2 Series ZDF3:F3 Series

Shaft diameter or bore diameter


The shaft type (Solid shaft attached)

H: Hollow shaft A: Solid shaft

Reduction ratio


Indicates the direction of the junction box (standard type omitted)

Rated output power


F2 Power supply

C (Single-phase 220V50/60Hz)

H (Single-phase 220V/60Hz)

A (Single-phase 110V50/60Hz)

E (Single-phase 110V/60Hz)

S (3PH-220V50/60Hz)

S3 (3PH-380V50/60Hz)

U (3PH-220/380V50/60Hz)

F3 Power supply

S (3PH-220V50/60Hz)

S3 (3PH-380V50/60Hz)

Attachment unit

B:Brake FF:Axial flow fan F:Fan T:Connection box P:Thermal protector

Note:Line ⑧ is only refer to ZDF2 series, ZDF3 is pre installed with fan and terminal box

High strength and high torque motor with eccentric shaft bevel gear

※The eccentric shaft bevel gear is limited to right-angle gear motor

High power motor combined with high strength eccentric shaft bevel gear reducer product. High torque reduction motor can meet the needs of customers for a wide range of purposes.



■Allowable Torque

The following chart shows the maximum allowable torque the gear motor can output.

Rich range of gearmotors and ratios

Reduction ratio from 5-240, a total of 17 types of rich and finely divided models. According to the utility, the most suitable product is selected from ech outut hat of the pall axis, the direct cross shaft (the hollow shaft and the middle solid shaft).



To achieve miniaturization, saving development costs

The load shaft and the electric motor are at right angles, so the working space can be saved.   The hollow shaft reduction motor also simplifies the connecting parts, thereby reducing the cost of parts and assembling working hours.
The figure is the comparison of the output power 200W, the reduction ratio of 5 aralel shaft motor and the speed reduction motor.  

Suitable for use in combination with frequency converter

Can achieve low speed to high speed of the extensive speed control.And the speed is less affected by the load,the speed control is more stable.

High degree of freedom of the design



■Left And Right Concentric Axis Structure

The output shaft of the speed reducer is arranged at the center of the upper and the lower direction of the mounting surface. When installed in the conveyor and other devices, whether the installation direction is to the left or right, do not need to change the location of the installation hole.   The hollow shaft reduction motor also simplifies the connecting parts, thereby reducing the cost of parts and assembling working hours.



Motor part


ZDF2  Series

ZDF3  Series

Phase number






Supply Voltage



Insulation grade

F Stage

F Stage

Startup mode

Single phase capacitor start

Direct start

Protection cooling mode

15W~90W without brake with junction box is fully enclosed.

Outer fan full closed (100W without brake for fully enclosed type).

The number of poles




Continued (Except with brake)


Reducer part

Deceleration mode

Straight shaft: hyperbolic gear, helical gear

Lubrication mode

Lubricating grease lubrication (Maintenance free)

Output shaft

General health (GB/T 1096-1979)

Output shaft material


Shell material

Al (Die-casting)
Note: 1500W、2200W aluminum alloy (Tensile)

Ambient conditions

Tolerance temperature


Tolerance humidity

The fallowing 80% (No dew)


Below 1000m

Environmental science

Non corrosive gas,explosive gas, steam, etc.. No dust,well ventilated place.

Installation place


Installation direction


Horizontal,vertical,inclined and so on,no restrictions on the installation angle.