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Type Rated voltage Rated power Rated current Rated speed Rated torque Noload current Noload speed Work duty Insulation resistance Brush life Electrical strength Insulation class


24VDC 400W 24A±10% 3200rpm±10% 1.19N.m ≤5.0A 3700rpm±10% S2(10min) >20MΩ 1500h 660V/S B
Protection grade Gearbox spec Reduction stage Gearbox direction Bearing type Gearbox structure
Gearbox output torque
Gearbox rated torque
Gearbox max torque
Ambient temperature


2 Same as motor Ball bearing Integrated
2 times of rated toruqe
<60dB (L=100cm)

1.The red lead is connected to the positive and the black lead is connected to the negative. Seen from the brake installation end, the drive wheel turns clockwise. When the lead position is reversed, the drive wheel turns in the opposite direction;

2.The working life of the brush is 1500 hours;

3.Lead wire length:1050mm±50, model: UL1015, spec: AWG14, nameplate position is as the picture shows, 20mm from the front cover;

4.Gaerbox screws should be firmly tightened and threaded glue should be appied before tightening;

5.Insert dowel pin of motor and gearbox seperately after testing motor and machine;

6.Screws of gearbox and motor should be firmly tightened and threaded glue should be appied before tightening.