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Model Rated voltage Rated power Rated current Rated speed Rated torque Noload current Noload speed Work duty Insulation resistance Life Electrical strength Insulation class Protection grade Reducer model Reduction ratio Brake voltage Brake torque Ambient temperature Noise
Z130BLD1000-48A1-30S 48VDC 1000W 28A±10% 3000rpm±10% 3.18N.m ≤6A 3800rpm±10% S2(60min) >20MΩ 5000h 660V/S B IP44 JP-210-002 24.685K/17K 48VDC 8N.m -10℃~+40℃ <65dB(A)(L=100cm)

1.This product complies with GB/T21418-2008 permanent magnet brushless motor system general technical conditions (partial conditions);

2.The nameplate is attached to the surface of the motor;

3.The assembly is clean, the motor runs smoothly, the sound is harmonious, and no obvious abnormal sound;

4.The screws of the motor back cover are stainless steel screws, and the other exposed screws are dacromet screws.