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Model Rated voltage Rated power Rated current Rated speed Rated torque Noload current Noload speed Work duty Insulation resistance Brush life Electrical strength Insulation class Protection grade Reducer model Reduction ratio Brake voltage Brake torque Ambient temperature Noise
Z130D650-24A1-26.5S-Q 24VDC 650W 38A±10% 2650rpm±10% 2.34N.m ≤11A 3100rpm±10% S2(45min) >20MΩ 1200h 660V/S F IP44 NL-210-001 24.685K/17K 24VDC 6N.m -10℃~+40℃ <65dB(A)(L=100cm)

1.The red lead is connected to the positive and the black lead is connected to the negative. Seen from the brake installation end, the drive wheel turns clockwise. When the lead position is reversed, the drive wheel turns in the opposite direction;

2.The brush life is 1200 hours;

3.The exposed screws of the motor use stainless steel screws, and the exposed screws of rubber wheel use dacromet screws;

4.Nuoli enhanced type, "V003" on the nameplate indicates enhanced type.