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How to Read Brushless DC Motor Roller

How to Read Brushless DC Motor Roller

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ZD Motor




Motor type


Brushless motor

Drum material

T: Carbon steel pips (Can be omitted)
S: 304 Stainless steel pipe

Drum diameter

(Example) 50: Drum diameter 50mm

Drum shape

A: cylindrical tube

Linear speed

(Example) 25: Rotary line speed 25m/min

Drum length

(Example) 400: Total length 400mm (not induded)

Rated power

(Example) 40: Motor rated power 40W

Voltage type

D: DC power supply 1: Single phase AC


(Example) 24:24V

Lead wire type

Vacancy representation (Can be omitted)

Brushless motor continues to set speed and a feedback signal are compared from the speed of the motor to adjust the voltage applied to the motor; therefore, even if the load change, still can set the speed from slow instantaneous adjustment to, and in order to stabilize the running speed. Three phase induction motor with inverter control is not feedback control, so the load becomes larger, the speed will be greatly reduced; for the high speed stability requirements, it is recommended to use brushless motor.  
The rotor of the brushless motor is used for the permanent magnet which can reduce the two loss of the rotor, so the power consumption is reduced by more than 20% compared with the three phase induction motor with variable frequency control, which is helpful for the energy saving of the device.