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● Multi-function and high performance of MCU digital control technology;

● Easy setting with digital display of menu;

● Slow torque increasing and decreasing is capable;    

● External keyboards and switch are available;

● Easy and safe toque controlling and function of adjusting motor torque deviation;

● Automatically recognize input power frequency;

● Attached power connector for fan, easy connection.


 Panel Introduction

Name Function  
Indicator Light For showing running status
Digital Tube 4-digital tube is used to show parameter value and set value
MODE Enter into or exist from MENU
ENTER Show and confirm set value
▼/▲ Adjust parameter when it is under the condition of button controlling; adjust set value under the mode of MENU
FWD/REV Forward or reverse when it is in the panel control mode, while change the digital when it is in the MENU mode
STOP Stop the running; error reset
Knob Change the specifications when it is in the knob control mode




Model Number/Function Specifications Table

Model Number ZDRV.A21-040S2-D
How to Read Model Type: ZDRV Series:A21 Applicable Motor Power:3~40(W) Power Supply:S1 Single Phase 110V±10%
S2 Single Phase 220V±10%
Function: D with digital display
Applicable Motor Type Torque Motor
Applicable Motor Power 3W 6W 10W 20W 40W
Installation Method Panel Type
Motion Control Function Controlled by panel or external switch including motion control, adjust torque, slowly increase or decrease torque.
Torque Adjust Method Press▲,▼button on panel ;Knob on panel
Torque Adjustment Range 0~100%
Run Capacitor External Type (Externally installed on the torque motor, users need to connect it ) 
Input Power Single Phase 220V±10%;50Hz-60Hz
Usage Environment Environment Temperature: -20℃~+40℃(No freezing); Environment Humidity: Less than85%(No condensation); Altitude lower than 1000m

 Outline & Installation




●  Power Supply:The voltage of the power supply should be the same with driver. 
    QF is a circuit breaker, it can protect the driver and the torque motor in case of short-circuited.
●  Rotation Direction Control
    1. Panel Control: change the MENU Control Mode F-01 into “1”, controlled by panel buttons;
    2. External Switch Control: change the MENU Control Mode F-01 into “2” or “3”, controlled by external switches K1,K2;

●  Run Capacitor C Specifications Table:

Motor Power/Voltage of Power Supply 220V 110V
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
3W 1.5μF/450V 1.2μF/450V 7μF/250V 6μF/250V
6W 2μF/450V 1.5μF/450V 8μF/250V 7μF/250V
10W 2.5μF/450V 2μF/450V 10μF/250V 8μF/250V
20W 3.5μF/450V 3μF/450V 15μF/250V 12μF/250V
40W 6μF/450V 6μF/450V 30μF/250V 30μF/250V
Power Supply Motor Power QF Current Specifications
220V 3-40W 1A
110V 3-40W 2A

Note: The Torque motor specifications have been referred and the run capacitor should be matched with relevant motors, it will be packed in with the torque motor.

○ The automatic reset type thermal protector has been built in the torque motor, when the motor is over heated, the thermal protector will run and cut off the power supply of the motor, and then the motor will be stopped; when the temperature drops into that of safe running, the thermal protector will run and automatically supply the power again and the motor will re-run. To prevent any accidents, please cut-off the power before check the motor.
○ Automatic reset type thermal protector, operation temperature:120°C±5°C, reset temperature: 120°C±5°C.

●  FWD/REV is controlled by PLC
    PLC Output Method: NPN or drain transistor output;
    Menu Setting: Change the Operation Control Mode F-01 into “2”or “3”
    Controlled by external switch.
●  FWD/REV is controlled by sensor(Photoelectric switch etc.)
    Switch Output Method: 3-wire type NPN transistor output;
    Menu Setting: Change the Operation Control Mode F-01 into “2”or “3”
    Controlled by external switch.


Controller Menu

Function Codes Table (R/W: Readable/Writable; RO: Read Only)

Function Code Name Detailed Parameter Description Setting Range Default Value Change
F-01 Run Control Mode 1: By Operation Panel
2: By External Switch, STOP Button on Panel is invalid
3: By External Switch, STOP Button on Panel is valid
1~3 R/W
F-02 Rotation Mode 1: Allow to Forward and Reverse
2: Allow to Forward, disallow to Reverse
3: Allow to Reverse, disallow to Forward
1~3 R/W
F-03 Rotation Direction 1: No Converse
2: Converse
1~2 R/W
F-04 Torque Control Method 1: UP/DOWN Button on Panel
2: Panel knob
1~2 R/W
F-05 Max. Torque 50%~100%
Limit the Max. Torque to protect the damage of product or device
50~100 80 R/W
F-06 Start-up Acceleration Time for Forward Rotation 0.1~10.0 s
The time for increasing to Max.Torque when it starts forwarding
0.1~10.0 1.0 R/W
F-07 Stop Deceleration Time for Forward Rotation 0.1~10.0s
The time for decreasing to 0Nm when it stop forwarding.
0.1~10.0 1.0 R/W
F-08 Start-up Acceleration Time for Reverse Rotation 0.1~10.0 s
The time for increasing to Max.Torque when it starts reversing
0.1~10.0 1.0 R/W
F-09 Stop Deceleration Time for Reverse Rotation 0.1~10.0s
The time for decreasing to 0Nm when it stops reversing
0.1~10.0 1.0 R/W
F-10 Power Supply Frequency Setting 1: Driver Self-detection
2: Supply Power Frequency 50Hz
3: Supply Power Frequency 60Hz
1~3 1 R/W
F-11 Reset 1:Do not Recover
1~2 1 R/W
F-12 Current Adaptive Power Frequency 50: Adapt to 50Hz AC Power Supply
60: Adapt to 60Hz AC Power Supply
50,60 ** RO
F-13 Program Version *.** RO

Trouble-shooting & Status:
Name Cause How to Solve
Error Code E.EEP Data Saving Error Re-power to clear the alarm
Prompt Code S.run Motor is running, any modification is prohibited. Press STOP button and then modify
S.not. Function of the button is currently invalid. Modify F-01\F-02 or F-04 function code
S.Err Driver is currently having an error. Clear the error and re-start
S.loc The button is locked. Press both DOWN and ENTER buttons at same time


Menu Modification
For safety, please stop the motor and then modify. Modification is not allowed when the motor is running.

Note: When the driver is running or stopping, press MODE and ENTER buttons at the same time,the buttons will be locked and won't have the functions
to control the motor or enter the MENU etc.;and then press MODE and ENTER buttons at the same time, it will release the lock.

 User Instruction
○ Check if the package is ok, nameplate is consistent with purchased model, and if you received all the accessories.
   Accessories: 1 Operation instruction; 2 bolts (M4*10).
○ Installation, connection and inspection should be done by professional engineers.
○ Correctly wiring according to this operation instruction or label at the back cover to avoid error or danger.
○ Do not disassemble the device or change the wiring when power is on, it may cause electric shock.
○ Before first-time usage, do run without load first to check if everything is working normally and adjust the using specification.
○ Do not use in explosive environments, flammable gas, corrosive environments and anywhere easy to get wet or around combustibles.
○ Avoid continuous vibration or over-impact. 
○ Do earthing.
○ Under normal operation of the motor, sometimes the surface temperature of the motor case will exceed 70°C, therefore, please paste a warning notice (refer to the drawing below) in case people may touch the motor!