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Model Number/Function Specifications Table

Model Number
ZDRV.A02-120S2 (Classify frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz according to display and label )
How to Read Model Type: ZDRV
Applicable Max. Motor Power:120W
Power Supply:S1 Single Phase 110V±10%
S2 Single Phase 220V±10%
Applicable Motor Power
Applicable Motor Type Speed Control Motor
Installation Method
Plug-in-out Type
Speed Control Method
By External Potentiometer
Speed Control Range
50Hz:90-1300r/min ;60Hz:90-1500r/min
Run Capacitor
External installation type(Capacitor is packed with speed control motor and users should install it)
Input Power
Single Phase 220V±10%;50Hz-60Hz
Usage Environment
Environment Temperature: -20℃~+40℃ (No freezing); Ambient Humidity: less than 85℃ (No condensation); Elevation less than 1000m





Dimension and Installation

Installation Method:
Fix by Bolt
Disassemble the driver body and fix the sockets with bolts (M4 bolts are recommended, the length shall be longer than 15mm).
● Rail Installation
Fix the clip at the bottom of socket at the 35mm long DIN rail.





Wire Diagram
Running Capacitor C Specifications
Motor Power/Voltge of Power Supply 220V 110V
6W 0.8μF/450V 2.0μF/250V
15W 1.2μF/450V 5.0μF/250V
25W 1.8μF/450V 7.0μF/250V
40W 2.5μF/450V 8.0μF/250V
60W 4.0μF/450V 12.0μF/250V
90W 6.0μF/450V 20.0μF/250V
120W Model No.5 7.0μF/450V 25.0μF/250V
120W Model No. 6 8.0μF/450V 20.0μF/250V
Note:the running capacitor has been packed in with  the speed control motor
1. Power Switch SW controls the start and stop of the motor;
2. 20,000Ω, 1/4W of speed control potentiometer is recommended (included in the accessories); 
3. Switch SWc controls the direction, current: 10A above, motor forwards when it is connected to CW; while reverse when it is connected to CCW;
4. The power of motor should compatible with that of running capacitor;
5. The voltage of power supply should be compatible with that of speed controller;
6. QF is circuit breaker, it will protect the speed controller and the motor when happens the short-circuit.
Circuit Breaker QF Specifications
Power Supply
Motor Power
QF Current Specifications


 Usage Instructions
○ Check if the package is ok, nameplate is consistent with purchased model, and if you received all the accessories.

    Accessories: a 20KΩ knob potentiometer, a knob cap, 2 fixing clips and 1 user instruction.

○ Installation, connection and inspection should be done by professional engineers.

○ Correctly wiring according to this operation instruction to avoid error or danger.

○ Do not disassemble the device or change the wiring when power is on, it may cause electric shock.

○ Before first-time usage, do run without load first to check if everything is working normally and adjust the using specification.

○ Do not use in explosive environments, flammable gas, corrosive environments and anywhere easy to get wet or around combustibles.

○ Avoid continuous vibration, over impact, or it may cause damage to the device.

○ Do earthing.

○ Under normal operation of the motor, sometimes the surface temperature of the motor case will exceed 70°C, therefore, please paste a warning notice (refer to the drawing below) in case people may touch the motor!