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What are the classification standards for DC geared motors

When selecting the DC geared motor, the user does not understand its role and makes a blind choice. This will cause time loss on the one hand, and the project will lag behind, on the other hand, it will increase the cost. Therefore, we must be clear about what the DC geared motor has. Use again to select the motor.

What is a DC geared motor? As the name implies, the DC gear motor is a combination of a gear box and a DC motor. Some people call it a gear motor. The gear motors generally used in the market can be classified according to the type of transmission, the shape of the gear and the number of transmission stages.

Transmission type: gear reducer motor, worm reducer motor, planetary gear reducer motor, reduction motor combined with gear and worm
Gear shape: cylindrical gear reducer motor, bevel gear reducer motor, bevel cylindrical gear reducer motor
Transmission stages: single-stage geared motor, multi-stage geared motor

What are the functions of DC geared motors?
The main function of the DC geared motor is to reduce the output speed. Because the motor has a gearbox, the motor speed can be reduced by the gearbox. Secondly, reducing the speed can increase the output torque of the motor and reduce the inertia of the load.
It is very important for the selection of the motor to clarify what is the use of the DC geared motor. Nowadays, as the DC geared motor is widely used in various fields, the quality requirements of the product are also higher. It is not only necessary to choose the right motor, but also to choose the right motor.