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Side note of the New Year's party 2019


Spring is full of joyous songs, and Fu Linzhong is full of joy. On January 16, 2019, the banquet hall on the second floor of Cixi Platinum Hanjue Hotel was warm and warm. Our company held a grand theme here: “Along the way, love and home”-2019 New Year Group Meeting and 2018 Advanced Awards ceremony. The delegation invited the chairman's father, Mr. Cen Changcan, the chairman, Mr. Cen Guojian, the director, Ms. Zhou Guoying, the independent director, Mr. Zhong Degang, the independent director, Mr. Ye Jianrong, the independent director, Ms. Yu Dandan, the general manager, Mr. Song Xiaoming, and company executives. A total of more than 1,300 family members and other guests were invited to the party.

The process of group visits includes awards ceremony, speeches by leaders, annual meeting celebrations, lucky draw, and God of Wealth. In the festive singing, the group visit will enter the first chapter, and Cai Tongjie, the manager of human resources department, announced the "Decisions on Commending the Advanced Collectives and Excellent Employees of 2018". In 2018, with the joint efforts of all employees, the company's production and operation achieved good results, and a large number of advanced individuals who loved their jobs and emerged. To commend the advanced and set a good example, the company decided to grant the honorary title of “Advanced Collective” to 6 units including the Ministry of International Trade and the honorable title of “Excellent Employees” to 63 people including Xu Xizhong. They affirmed and thanked them for their outstanding performance within one year. At the same time, President Cen and Director Zhou Guoying also personally presented awards to 83 ten-year-old employees. Thank you for these ten years of hard work in your own position, dedicated to youth and old employees of CUHK.

After the award presentation, General Manager Song Xiaoming made an important speech, affirming the achievements of CUHK over the past year, and his impassioned words added infinite confidence to the entire family of CUHK.

Then Chairman Cen Guojian made a speech in the Spring Festival. He said: 2018 is a year of our spirit after listing, and also a year when we are under pressure to carry forward. In this year, the company has made efforts in many ways to achieve family and spiritual double happiness ... 18 years As the cornerstone of progress, all of us go hand in hand, step forward in the glorious clouds of the future, and move forward more vigorously to create a stronger, richer and better CUHK together!

Afterwards, Chairman Cen invited everyone to toast and celebrate the Spring Festival. Among the laughter, wine, and food, the group meeting entered the second chapter. The atmosphere of the performance was warm and jubilant, and the program was wonderful. The chorus "Singing the Motherland", "The Same Song", and "Welcome to CUHK" demonstrate the firm forward power of everyone in China; the umbrella dance "Beauty Yin" and the dance "Dynamic Crosstalk" are full of youthful grace; sign language dance "National" expresses the feelings of family and country; The songs "Desert Camel", "Hello Tomorrow" and "Drunk New Concubine" show the versatility of the family; the sketches "Three Looks at Thatched Cottage" and "When You Are Old" have laughter and tenderness ; Lecture "Living Method" and recite "China Red" are the most vivid expression of Dao Sheng philosophy and patriotic feelings; Dizi calligraphy and painting "Spring" can not paint the Chinese style of 5,000 years of culture; "The God of Wealth Gives Blessings" to bless everyone Jin Yu Everything went smoothly. The wonderful programs came one by one, and the stage became a sea of ​​joy, with applause, applause, and laughter. The wonderful performance not only demonstrated the talents of the Chinese people, but also the cohesion and cooperation spirit of the Chinese and Dalian families, and strengthened the construction of entrepreneur culture. The lucky draws interspersed in the performances are even more exciting and set off again and again. Throughout the evening, every link made the whole family of CUHK truly feel the theme of the group visit: “Let's go together, love and have a home”. Zh

Looking back on 2018, we are full of gains; looking forward to 2019, we are full of confidence. Facing the new situation, new tasks, and new requirements, we are fearless and make no less than anyone's efforts. While pursuing the material and spiritual happiness of all employees, we also contribute to the progress and development of human society. In 2019, we will live up to expectations and open a new chapter of CUHK, and work hard to realize the unlimited possibilities of automation applications.