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RVC-TB Series Outline Dimension Drawing

■10CBX-27-RVC-TB Outine Drawing



1.Reducer single reduction ratio:i=27(shaft output),reducer overall weight:8.2kg;
2.Graphic center input type for synchronous belt drive,the customer design assembly interface;
3.Reducer rated output torque of 98Nm(output speed 15RPM,input motor power 200W;
4.When using gear reducer add grease,grease recommendations:RE0,RE00.And make the appropriate sealing measures and oil drain device;


■27CBX-36.57-RVC-TB Outline Drawing



1.Reducer single reduction ratio:i=36.57(shat output),reducer overall weight:9.5kg;
2.Reducer rated output torque of 270Nm(output speed 15RPM,input motor power 550W);
3.Reducer is not injected lubricating grease,grease recommended RE0;
4.Reducer to be used when necessary to make the appropriate sealing measures,plus drain device;


■50CBX-32.54-RVC-TB Outine Drawing



■100CBX-36.75-RVC-TB Outline Drawing